About me

a small story about myself

Welcome to my blog! So glad you could stop by. I'm Amina and I run this blog. Mainly its about food, but at times I also post up my reviews about different products that I have been loving, tips and tricks, and mommy advice. But mostly my blog revolves around food. 

I'm a self-taught cook, one who is still learning her way around the kitchen. I hope that my blog can also help out those who are new to cooking and make the experience much more easy. I share recipes straight from my mom's kitchen (her recipes are amazing) as well as recipes that I have found and loved from cookbooks or from the web. Along with the recipe, I also add in helpful tips. 

I started this blog so as to have a place where I can store and display my favorite recipes for others to enjoy.  So I hope you find my blog inviting, fun and full of delicious and mouth watering recipes.

 Do you have specific questions or want to get in touch? Contact me via email.